Cefixime Suspension

Product Name: Cefixime Oral SuspensionProduct PackagingThis product is available in the following dosages:Cefixime suspension 125mg/5ml 100mlCefixime suspension 250mg/5ml 100mlCefixime suspension

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Product Name: 

Cefixime Oral Suspension

Product Packaging

This product is available in the following dosages:

Cefixime suspension 125mg/5ml 100ml

Cefixime suspension 250mg/5ml 100ml

Cefixime suspension are available in the following packaging:

brown plasic bottle + measuring cup, 

1 bottle/small color box ,25 small box/middle box, 18 middle box/carton

foil packs or according to the customer's specifications.

Product Category

Oral suspension


Oral suspension



Active Ingredients