About Us

Lansa pharma group is a well established and professional supplier of Finished Pharmaceutical

Lansa Pharma is in a position where we can always offer our customers the right products in the required quality and at competitive terms. The key components for success of Lansa Pharma are Quality Standards, Complete Transparency of Operations,  Timely Documentation and Perfections to compete in the global pharmaceutical market. 

- We offer an extensive list of dossiers in CTD or e-CTD format which may be licensed for sales and distribution in the client's market.

- We can ensure excellent ongoing quality of product, a personalised service, reliable supply and competitive prices in the long term. 

- Other specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our International Business Development team. They respond as soon as possible to answer any question or consider any proposal. 

- Any interested distributor, please contact us about product registration, importing and/or marketing our products in your country or region. 

- Support for on-site inspection and audit. 

- Contract manufacturing and OEM for international companies under authorization. 

- Any questions Please contact us!